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Administrator 08-11-2011 05:57 AM

Sprite Generator Showcase
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This topic is reserved for showcasing sprites you've created with the sprite generator!

Just post a reply and upload an attachment!

To kick things off, here's a wizard we created:

Attachment 66

Click the above thumbnail to enlarge it. The final sprite can use some small edits, but Spriter XB isn't available yet.

To duplicate the wizard, follow these instructions:

1. Use Body 1
2. Set Body "saturation" to 10
3. Use Eyes 1
4. Set Eyes "hue" to 76
5. Use Legs 1
6. Skip the hair section
7. Use Clothes 17
8. Use Miscellaneous 8
9. Set Miscellaneous "hue" to 76, "saturation" to 32, and "lightness" to 30

Gsizzle 09-28-2011 04:18 AM

I can't post right now from my iphone

Demetari 12-27-2011 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by Gsizzle (Post 376)
I can't post right now from my iphone

Apparently you can't post ever.. You made that post 3 months ago, and never followed up... -_-'

If the topic is for showcasing sprites, why was that post allowed? Not that you are getting Any replies anyways.. Seems like there's no incentive to making sprites with such underwhelming limitations on the tool.

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