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Administrator 07-01-2010 10:02 PM

Beta v.0.21: Play Button Now Available!
The "Play" button is finally available.

We just released beta v.0.21 -- primarily an upgrade to patch and fix bugs in beta v.0.2.

We have updated the user database so all user data files are up-to-date. Previously, you needed an administrator to manually upgrade your user database and projects to reflect the new features available in beta v.0.2.

Along with the user database update, we have overwritten the "Sample" map with a new one. Additionally, we've provided a "house1" map. Both maps are playable.

When you click play, please start from the "Sample" map!

The "Sample" map will link to "house1" so you can get inside the house from there.

Level linking is fully supported. Click the "Layers" button, and choose "Warp Layer" from the menu. Drag across the level to create a warp point. The warp point allows you to link maps together. We attached the "Sample" and "house1" maps for you to examine how warp points work. You can go into "Cursor Mode" to edit or delete a warp point.

Before you can "play" a map, you need to compile it. The "Compile" button is right next to the "Save" button.

Just remember, you're able to import custom tilesets and graphics (URL import only for now) since the first beta.

You can now create full customizable and explorable worlds now with your own graphics and levels.

We hope you enjoy MMORPG Maker!

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