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Default How do i get the maker/ looking for a team

Hey guys, i am a bit confused on how i could download this mmorpg maker. What i can understand is that it's in open beta so does that mean there are only a selected few who can use it or is there a open link hidden around in the site some where? Also i see some post asking about what the maker is like before they buy it. Does that mean you have to pay fr the maker or not? Also i want to offer my services for any one who is making a game at this very moment. I know how frustrating things can get in the mid way of finishing your project all by your self so i was just wondering if any one wants a hand? I pixel art weapons and small sprites and i do paperdolls. Im also not that bad at mapping and i know thats one of the more boring parts in making a game. So yeah, if any one could possibly help me with the maker that would be great and if you do need a hand then don't be shy to leave me a private message. Thanks in advance.
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