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This will be in reference to my opening topic post post:

Originally Posted by Ninja Kitten View Post
So I double click my file under maps titled Game.tmp and when I hit the Play it just says:
* Compiling...
* Contacting compile server...

And doesnt do anything else so I assume it has something to do with the server.

If I double click my file under maps titled Sample it gets stuck at Loading Images - so again I assume something is going on with the server.
I started a new project and everything was loading fine, and then I uploaded a new tileset and edited the Sample map (like before) and now Im having the same exact problem.

I also tried to start a new map and it stcks at Loading Level.
But then if I go to load the house1 map which I havnt edited at all, it loads fine.

Also it's now saving my map edits properply (even if I use the default tilesets instead of my own).
After my initial map edit I went to "Play" it and I noticed it only saved chunks of what I did so I decided to go back to the editor and it looked glitchy.

One thing i want to point out is that Layer 1 is now appearing as if it's on an above layer (slightly transparent).
Here's a video of me attempting to edit:

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