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He probably means that the creation engine (MMORPG Maker XB) is patent pending- until said patent is not only approved but the engine is also released for public use (if even then), the engine will be inaccessible and to edit any part unintended is as such a breach of the contract inherent with the purchase of the program.

Essentially, by changing the way the Maker works (using AJAX rather than the XB server) the user has created problems for himself. What kind of action the Administrator chooses to take is solely up to him, but it may (and could likely) extend to legal action, should the original poster refuse to accommodate the requirements of the Administrator. Less severely they may just revoke his permission to the program or let him off the hook this once. That's between those two.

So basically, follow this common sense principle: When using the program, don't do anything you're not supposed to.
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