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Have you ever dreamed of creating your own game?

Your own world. Your own characters -- from medieval swordsmen to futuristic robots. Your own items, music, sounds, everything!

You can create it all and invite others to explore, battle, and play with you.

They invite their friends, whom in turn invite more friends. Before you know it, you have a massive game with thousands of players.

You're in complete control:

  • YOU get to determine the most powerful weapon.

  • YOU get to create the story, the characters, the music. From a dark, scary mood to a happy, fun party game, you get to decide.

  • YOU create the battles. Hack-and-slash? Turn based? Or even no battles at all?

  • YOU decide the gameplay. Sweat it out with intense guild wars and raids or slow it down with challenging puzzles you can solve with friends.

  • YOU set the rules. Kick players, ban players, server limits, create (and enforce) RP rules, and build a community of people that love your game.

  • And more...

MMORPG Maker XB is a full game development tool designed to make creating MMORPGs as easy as pointing and clicking. No programming is required (and no scripting either) to get started with MMORPG Maker XB.

Unlike other game creation software, MMORPG Maker XB provides you full control. No cookie cutter clone games, and your game won't look like the one someone else just made either.

However, MMORPG Maker XB takes it a bit further with its state of the art game engine.

Before we tell you about our revolutionary editor software which allows point-and-click creation of games, let's first introduce the game engine that will power the games you create:

Gaming on Windows, Mac, AND Linux

All games developed with MMORPG Maker XB can be played on Windows, Mac, AND Linux!

You only need to create ONE game. Our compiler will create a compatible version of your game for each operating system.

And our technology gets even better...

The games you make can be played entirely inside a web browser. No downloading is necessary -- not even Flash, Java, or browser plugins!

Due to the rampant spread of viruses and large gaming downloads (and patch after patch after large patch), users are getting tired of downloading and risking their computers.

With MMORPG Maker XB, you can create games that will play inside Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and more with no additional downloads (and we repeat: Flash and Java are NOT required).

Using our advanced streaming technologies, users will always be playing the latest version of your game inside their web browser.

The MMORPG Maker XB game engine is the first of its kind and allows smooth gameplay with thousands of players on Windows, Mac, and Linux on multiple browsers including Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox, Safari 4+, and Chrome 5+. This covers 95%+ of desktop internet traffic -- more platform availability for your game than any competing product! (Source: W3Counter, Nov 2009)

Gaming on Facebook

Besides Windows, Mac, Linux, we also support the Facebook platform to make it easy to invite your friends to play your game and build a fan base you could never dream of with any other game development software.

The above screenshot shows a multiplayer game being played and directly embedded inside Facebook's website.

What does this mean for you?

  • You get direct, easy access to the 500 million+ Facebook® users

  • You can create a fan page for your game and easily spread the word and get new players.

  • Tell your friends to invite their friends and watch your game GROW

  • Facebook users LOVE games. Just look at the success of FarmVille.

  • You still create only ONE game and it will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile, and Facebook.

Just use Facebook's simple invite system and you can easily invite hundreds to thousands of players in a few clicks.

Remember how easy it was to use Facebook to invite people to your events or suggest they like a page? It will be just as easy to get them playing your game.

Indie game developers usually struggle finding others to play their games, but MMORPG Maker XB is here to help you not just make your game but to get it out there to as many people as possible!

Finally, you can make games people will actually play!

Gaming on Mobile

Windows, Mac, Linux, AND Facebook not enough?

MMORPG Maker XB takes it even further: The games you create can also be played on mobile!

The official device support list currently includes all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, and Palm webOS devices.

That's over 80% of smartphone internet traffic. (Source: AdMob 2009)

In the real programming world, porting a game to mobile would usually require you to restart the entire game and code.

With MMORPG Maker XB, you still only need to create ONE game (although you can customize the interface and design for mobile). Our compiler and engine handles the rest.

You must be wondering: if it's mobile AND inside a mobile web browser, it must play very slowly, right?

Actually, MMORPG Maker XB plays very smoothly with very little multiplayer lag on mobile due to our revolutionary technologies.

We were surprised ourselves with how fast our games ran on mobile. Since we started supporting mobile until the time of this writing, the MMORPG Maker XB game engine was and is the fastest game engine inside a mobile web browser.

Here's a screenshot and video of the mobile multiplayer in action:

Revolutionary Game Creation Software

The MMORPG Maker XB game creation software is also run entirely inside your web browser with no downloading necessary.

The above screenshot shows us running the editor inside Firefox.

Creating your game with the editor is as simple as it gets without giving up customization and control.

From Day 1, we wanted to create an editor that would not produce cookie cutter clone games.

You can customize the interface; you can customize the game ruleset; you can create items or have no items at all; you can create your own custom battle engine or, likewise, have no battling at all.

Months of planning went into making the editor as easy and powerful as possible for you.

Creating your first game level is as easy as clicking and dragging your mouse around to lay down the grass tiles and adding some bushes and trees with a few clicks.

We let you import your own custom graphics, tilesets, and spritesheets so you can completely customize your game's graphics.

Instead of just telling you how easy it is though, why don't we just give you a small demo?

Just click and drag in the below box to lay down grass tiles (yes, right here on this page inside your browser):

You can expect the full MMORPG Maker XB to be just as easy as what you saw above.

Still doubt what we can do inside a web browser?

How about some special effects then?

Glide your mouse over the below water image. Keep moving your mouse over the image and watch the dynamic water ripple effect:

Imagine the above water effect being used in your own MMORPG.

Do you want to create rain? Check. Do you want to create puddles? Can do! Or maybe you even want to create a ship that glides across the water and leaves water trails? You can do that too!

And this page still hasn't used a single line of Java or Flash yet.

Once again: No downloading is necessary!

So what are some of the features of our powerful editor software?

Well, at the time of this writing, it's the most advanced web application in the world, and here's why:

Custom Tilesets

Creating a level in MMORPG Maker XB is as easy as choosing a tile, clicking and dragging, and saving your map.

However, with MMORPG Maker XB, you can import custom tilesets directly from your computer.

This allows you to use your own tiles and graphics to create your world.

As seen in the screenshot above, you can easily select which tiles are obstacles by simply clicking on the individual tile to toggle on/off the obstacles.

So not only is everything customizable, it's easily customizable.

Custom Sprites

What good are custom tilesets without custom sprites?

MMORPG Maker XB's Sprite Editor allows you to create sprites, characters, and animations in half the time.

Create custom walking animations, sword slashing animations, and victory poses with ease without having to import or touch/crop the spritesheet at all.

View each animation frame by frame, adjust frame coordinates, and more with the Sprite Editor.

And, of course, just as you can with tilesets, you can import your own custom spritesheets directly from your computer hard drive.

Custom Interfaces and Panels

We put a lot of thought into how we can enable you to create custom interfaces and make your games as customizable as possible without it getting too cumbersome.

With the Panel Editor, you can create custom "panels."

A panel can be any screen whether it's a login screen, registration screen, loading screen, etc.

Each "panel" is completely customizable.

However, we also enable you to create a custom interface for your game using the Panel Editor.

With MMORPG Maker XB, you can easily create a panel that becomes the interface for all your game levels so you don't have to re-implement a custom interface on each level or be forced into limits such as using a pre-developed interface.

MMORPG Maker XB is so customizable, it would be difficult to tell two different games were made with the same software!

In the screenshot above, we show our game's interface panel being developed; here's the custom interface in the game itself:

Events Editor

MMORPG Maker XB features a powerful but simple event editor.

This is where you setup events that power your game (whether it involves giving an item to a player, showing/hiding an object, or enabling/disabling the player's movement)

Just select the object and select what you want to do with that object.

All the object actions are listed inside the editor. No need to memorize functions or properties as you would with real code!

Whether you want to show a message box when the player touches a treasure chest or if you want to manually set X/Y coordinates for an object, all of this can be done easily inside the MMORPG Maker XB Events Editor.


MMORPG Maker XB comes with a full-featured plugin system.

Plugins can extend the functionality and features of MMORPG Maker XB.

For example, there are plugins to insert textboxes into your game, there are plugins for water effects and other special effects, and there are plugins for creating objects players can interact with.

What you can do with MMORPG Maker XB is virtually unlimited with plugins!

REAL Compiler

MMORPG Maker XB features a real compiler.

This means your games aren't run through an interpreter which a lot of game creation software is prone to.

For example, an interpreted programming language like PHP can be up to 10x as slow as compiled code. (Source: Debian Shootout)

MMORPG Maker XB will actually compile your game and handle all the browser and platform differences.

With compiled code, you won't see any dramatic speed improvements if you were to code your game with an actual programming language than if you made it with MMORPG Maker XB.

MMORPG Maker XB gives you as much speed as possible!

Fast, Scalable Server

The MMORPG Maker XB server is incredibly powerful and can directly rival professionally-developed MMORPG server software.

The server comes with features most indie MMO games and other game creation software can only dream of including asynchronous I/O, memory efficiency, horizontal and vertical scalability features, and more.

Don't let the tech jargon scare you though. You don't need to deal with any of it.

Just boot up the server and run it!

We know how it feels to use game creation software only to find out how limited it is.

With MMORPG Maker XB, we came in with an "unlimited" mindset. So instead of creating unscalable servers that can only support a few users in an MMO setting thinking our users will never need the extra scalability, we set out from Day 1 to make sure our game server can scale to hundreds to thousands of players while running as fast as possible.

How to Get MMORPG Maker XB

MMORPG Maker XB makes the possibilities endless as you can infinitely expand and build custom features you could never have imagined.

We place all the power in your hands so you can finally create the MMORPG of your dreams!

However, MMORPG Maker XB is no longer available to the general public.

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We won't spam your inbox; don't worry! We'll keep our emails reserved to keeping you up-to-date on the next MMORPG Maker XB release.

MMORPG Maker XB is currently in private beta and no longer accepting new users. If you wish to be informed about our next beta, please join our Priority List.

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Create Online Games. No Programming. Just Point and Click!